A quick snapshot of the mobile friendly internet

You need the patience of a sniper to read thisI’m just home from my daily commute on the train, which also happens to be my favorite type of transport. It’s also a place where I can take some time to catch up on my never ending list of posts to read on Reeder, Twitter and Instapaper. The latter I have promised myself to have all articles read a couple years into my retirement.

Today my Twitter feed was full of references to the upcoming OSX Mountain Lion which is due for release this summer. Tech interested bloke as I am, I had to get information directly from the source itself; the new pages put on on the Apple website. However it was a sharp contrast coming from the sweet mobile apps with readable text, to a static “old school” 980px website rendered on a iPhone display. Retina display makes the text sharper, but the 4S not being bundled with a magnifying glass it’s still impossible to read the text. Zoom you say? Double tapping the 700px text columns still didn’t do the trick, forcing me to to the go in to “Sniper mode” reading the text. An experience reminding me more scouting for enemies (camping) in Battlefield with a 8x ballistic scope, than a good reading experience.

For marked a leading player on mobile like Apple, you ought to think that zooming webpages should be a thing of the past. But but for the sake of being fair here, I have taken some photos and created a photo gallery titled “A quick snapshot of the mobile friendly internet”:

  • http://melanchology.com Hugo Ahlberg

    Since the launch of the iPhone Apple has proudly touted that on iOS the web is just like the “normal” desktop web (except for Flash of course). It’s the “real” web, need to to make a new mobile site or use WAP or something similar. If they now would release a mobile version of their own site, they would obviously undermine one of their own selling points..
    And just to make it clear, I do not agree with their decision of not having both, I’m just pointing out their thinking.

    ps. I love you for making that Battlefield sniper metaphor.

    • http://blog.paal.org paal.org

      Yep, I remember the payoff; “The whole web” or “All of the web” – in your pocket.

      Still, the experience is pretty bad. Maybe it’s because I don’t like camping (or campers) :-)

      PS: A colleague of mine showed me a Android screenshot of the same site. Displaying the “blue lego” in place of the video player, indicating a missing plugin. How ironic :-)