Our talk at Making Web 2013

October 24th, Knut and I held a talk at Making Web 2013 about the project we did together at Apt. Namely how we built and developed the technical systems on “Solo – the world’s largest message in a bottle”. This was my first time speaking at a conference, and I must say it was both a challenging and fun experience. One I really would like to repeat in the near future (hint hint, conference organizers). Still, the necessary preparations and rehearsals sure tok a lot more work than I imagined. Never the less, it was the work we put in that made it possible to give the talk in a comfortable manner. Well, after a the first 5 minutes that is :-)

A video recording of our talk is available at the Making Web page. Take a look if you would like to hear about:

  • Building stuff, and integrating it’s electronics with Javascript
  • Running an unorthodox project with many suppliers
  • Creating tools for yourself in development and production
  • Using the Google Maps JavaScript API for drift prediction
  • A great story with a happy ending

Thanx to the organizers at the Making Web conference 2013 for a great experience! If you know of any other opportunities to give our talk, please get in touch. We can also modify it to be more/less about the build/electronics, web, JavasScript or just telling the story.