Who is paal.org?

Hello, my name is Pål! With the funny Norwegian letter in my name, it’s pronounced Paul. I’m working as a creative developer and innovation manger at TRY / APT, a leading advertising agency here in Norway. With background in electronics and engineering, I love creating ideas for – and implementing innovative projects.

I’ve also done some conference talks, which I hope to get even more experience with in the near future. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you are interested in talks on some the projects I’ve worked on, the systems behind or just need an update on technology and innovation. I’m actually doing internal talks on the latter almost each friday for all of my 120 colleagues.

To document some the projects and experiments I have done, I created this blog which needs continuos filling of content. Content like JavaScript experiments and new stuff I like to play with. So feel free to help me along the way with constructive comments.

I’m also on Twitter @PaalSA and LinkedIn if you want to connect. My email is also paal @ this domain.